Saturday, November 26, 2011


I remember footprints in the snow
as you walked away
peering in the window
hoping you'd stay
just to turn around
and show me love
love me a little
and that'd be enough
your tracks kept going
away from me
around the corner
where I couldn't see
emotions ran high
our love was low
fell in love with someone else
and I didn't know

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lasting Past

Systematic approaches
as to how my thoughts churn
hesitant to light the candle
yet I need to feel the burn
penchant for pain
in pursuit of pleasure
there is no gain
when we aren't together
feelings of haste
have come and gone
I can't help but wonder
if my heart steers me wrong
this bitter taste
I can't help but swallow
no definitive answer
if you'll be here tomorrow

Friday, November 11, 2011

Transient Lives

As we journey through life we will come to many forks in the road where we will have to choose one path or the other. Never knowing where each path will take us, we should be certain that it will lead us to a transition. Transitions through life are usually anything BUT easy, be them work, school, family or collegiate to adult life. How are you supposed to make these decisions having never been in such a predicament?

We'll never know how to live our lives until we've actually done it. While it is possible to learn from the mistakes of others, it is doubtful that you will be in the exact situation as one's counterpart. Things that I'm trying to avoid in my own transition are putting all my eggs in one basket. Living, working and partying with a significant other can bring one to a crash landing. If the relationship ends, you're now out of a comfortable place to live, work and social life to experience.

We mustn't look for harm in the beginning of a relationship, but be aware that mishaps can and will happen. We have to be prepared. Going into any situation with an optimistic view can only make the outcome a bit more positive. So before you put all your eggs in one basket, at least get a hearty omelet out of them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Planting The Seed

These days if you aren't changing, evolving into a newer, better, more polished you, then there's something wrong. I've noticed in others and even myself that even in these past few months I've grown tremendously as a person. It makes me wonder are we consciously trying to become new people or is it just happening?... Remember the time at the end of the year right before everyone goes out and gets drunk for New Year's Eve?.. We all make these absurd New Year's Resolutions. Why do we only do that once a year? (and usually don't follow through with them) I've decided to start making monthly resolutions. Nothing huge or ridiculous like learning French or learning to play the piano, but smaller things that can actually improve my quality of life. Just at the beginning of the month and adhering to them. So here goes.

For the month of September:

1) No more red meat - this shouldn't be too hard because I rarely eat red meat besides the occasional hangover burger. Not only will this help me drop a couple lbs (not that I really need to) but it's going to make me healthier. Who knows, maybe I'll even become a vegetarian afterward.

2) Take up a new hobby - if I'm not working hard, I'm playing hard. That usually involves a few or eight tequila gimlets. By using my time more productively, my skill set will be sharpened even more than it is now.

3) Do something I've never done before - just what it says. Life is full of new experiences, have one.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Viva la Vida

I had kind of an epiphany today. Being that I'm a fresh 24, it's weird to look back at my life and analyze how much I've grown. I actually took just the last 6 months and it was a bit overwhelming to see how far I've come into adulthood. Waking up in the morning going to a job that requires a few more hours than 9-5 is very demanding. Where do I have time for a sig other?.... My frenz, or even to party?...

That's when I realized even though it's totally an oxymoron, life is legit short (even though it's the longest thing you'll ever do) it goes by VERY quickly. That's why you have to make sure you enjoy every second of it. Don't get bogged down by stupid people or meaningless happenstances. You're better than that. Live. Laugh. Love.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I love the sound the rain makes as it pitter-patters on my windowsill. The randomness of each drop closing in on the beauty of intermittent selection. Each single droplet comes together as it reaches it's final destination, blending with its droplet neighbor. Though rain may be salty and bitter, it forges on with the most bountiful of symbiotic relationships, nourishing plants, trees and other beauties of the world, never asking for anything in return. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pudding: Proof Not Included

It has come to my attention that some people (mainly women) feel as though not telling them EVERYTHING is considered lying or telling false truths. I completely disagree. When it comes to sleeping with your best friend and not telling you about it or accidentally pissing on your toothbrush and not bringing it up in random conversation, sure, those things warrant a screamfest of emotion from your significant other. Some things are on a need to know basis though, I'm not going to tell you what I had for lunch every day or what time I evacuated my bowels, is that keeping secrets from you?... Probably not.

What needs to happen is that there is a flow of information that needs to be established. Are you a person who wants to know the truth regardless if it hurts, or is ignorance bliss? We also need to realize that chances are, when we go snooping, digging and looking for trouble, we are going to find it. Save yourself the trouble, date someone you can trust.